1- Can Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Center "TAHKEEM" provide legal advice?

Yes, it can be through phones and the email in the website

2 - What are the benefits of Sharjah international Commercial Arbitration Center?

a- Speed: The parties decide the timeframes, so the process is faster than a court trial.

b- Confidentiality: Arbitration guarantees privacy since parties can avoid public exposure of sensitive business and financial information.

c- Neutrality: The center is completely impartial as are the arbitrators and so all parties benefit from a professional, unbiased analysis.

d-  Economy: Costs are much lower compared to court proceedings.

e- Final and Binding effect of Arbitration Award: Once the final award is decided, the procedure is complete and parties are obliged by law to comply).

3- What types of disputes can be resolved by arbitration at TAHKEEEM? And are they capable of administering all such disputes?

-Commercial, construction/engineering, corporate, shipping/maritime, trade and insurance arbitrations

Yes and its authorized by Sharjah Courts.

4- How much is the fee to register an Arbitration Case?

It depend on the amount of money.

5 - Is there is any limits amount of money to register an Arbitration Case?

A) Charges of Estimated Value Claims

A fee of 5% from the claim Value Shall be charged with a minimum limit of AED 5,000 and maximum limit of AED 30.000 on each claim submitted in the suit.

B) Charges of Non-estimated Value Claims

A temporary fee of AED5.000 shall be charged in non-estimated value claims and the remaining fee shall be settled as per percentage in paragraph (A) above.

Separate from the Arbitrators fees.

C) Fees of Multi Claims

In case the suit has claims resulting from one legal reason the estimation shall be according to its total value. If it is originating from different legal reasons the estimation shall be according to the value of each separately.

6 - How to make a payment for Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Center?

A payment can be made via bank transfer address to: Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre or by cash.

7 - How long does Arbitration last?

It usually takes from the first hearing session up to 6 months and can be renewed for another 6 months upon certain circumstances.