Sharjah international commercial arbitration center assesses the annual party.

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In order to strengthen interdependence with the various supporters of "arbitration", international commercial arbitration centre Sharjah annual party at the Sharjah center space sciences and astronomy in the presence of his Excellency Abdul Allah daivis, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Sharjah international commercial arbitration center and Professor Ahmed Wheel, Director of the Centre, members of the Executive Committee, the Executive Centre team, a group of strategists, and a number of dignitaries and representatives of the media.
The ceremony included the presentation of a film to documentary idea development and his gift to his viewers, His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi Supreme Council member and ruler of Sharjah, the concert also included meetings and discussions between side handshake the President and members of the Executive Committee and the Executive Centre staff on the one hand, attendance and representatives The media on the other.
For his part, Abdul Allah daivs, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Sharjah Center for arbitration The international trade administration of the annual "arbitrage" in Sharjah center space science and astronomy, this great scientific edifice that aims to develop and disseminate astronomical and space science and culture in the Arab world in General and in the UAE for focused research and scientific heritage And educationally and attractions for different groups in society, said that arbitration center every year to choose one of the major destinations in Sharjah to host the annual gathering of the Centre to promote these destinations before the audience from within and outside the State.
He emphasized the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Sharjah Center for international commercial arbitration on the importance of establishing an arbitration center annual gala tribute to everyone who contributed to supporting the success of the Centre during the past year, and honoring the Center's partners in success throughout the year during which an arbitration center was able to achieve more success in his career. And most notably founding the Sharjah Center for commercial arbitration International youth with the aim of spreading the culture of wetasbes national generation arbitration arbitrators youth in UAE.
Ahmed said the wheel, Director of the Center: "during the past year, we have managed to achieve various successes within the strategic vision and what we seek to contribute to the promotion of economic stability and investment in State of the U.A.E. seeking investors and foreigners To work within a secure investment environment and typical, is the primary goal, which ranked first in priority. "