Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre holds Executive Committee’s first meeting in 2019

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The Executive Committee of the Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre (TAHKEEM) discussed numerous issues and recommendations during its first meeting in 2019 on Thursday (March 14).

The meeting was held at TAHKEEM’s headquarters under the chairmanship of H.E. Abdullah Deaifis, Chairman of the TAHKEEM Executive Committee, and in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Saleh Alechla, Director of TAHKEEM, along with the TAHKEEM Executive Committee and Executive Team members: Mr. Ahmed Al Ajla, Director of the Center, Dr. Shaheen Al Mazmi and Mr. Nassif Abu Melhab. , Mr. Hamad Omar Al Madfa, and Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Shehhi, members of the Executive Committee and the Executive Center Working Group

H.E. Abdullah Deaifis commenced the meeting with a welcome remark and also approved the minutes of the last Executive Committee’s meeting including its decisions and recommendations along with a review and follow-up of the Committee’s actions and milestones over the past period.

In his detailed presentation, the Director of TAHKEEM explained the tasks of reviewing the final version of the Centre's rules and workings. He shed extensive light on all the amendments raised by the team for review and approval.

During the meeting, they focused on an array of issues, including the pre-qualifications for becoming an arbitrator as well as the designation of arbitrators and the mechanism of arbitration declarations and other rules subject to amendment.

Some points involving arbitral rules have been referred for review and discussion by competent members who emphasised the need to finalise the final version of the Centre's rules as soon as possible.

On his part, Mr. Hamid Al-Mu'alla, Deputy Director of the TAHKEEM, reviewed the proposed training bonus table, which covered the training courses offered by TAHKEEM and the fees to be paid to the coaches in accordance with the number of course days and hours, as well as the themes and output of each training course in line with the bonus system set by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, following the benchmark market rates set for such specialised training courses.

Ms. Hamda Al Baloushi, Director of Cases Department at TAHKEEM, explained the duties of an arbitrator. She reviewed a proposal for training the graduates of the Arbitration Diploma Programme which is aimed at grooming a generation of competent Emirati arbitrators. The proposal envisages all the obligations, tasks and duties that should be performed by arbitrators graduating from the Diploma Programme. It also included the preconditions that have to be fulfilled by trained arbitrators applying to be associate members despite failing to pass the appraisal process due to lack of experience. The Committee approved the proposal, whereby the Diploma graduates shall be trained as a Secretary, then as an Assistant Arbitrator and then as a Certified Arbitrator.

In her capacity as President of Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre Youth Council, Al Baloushi presented a proposal to support SMEs by providing arbitration services at affordable costs and simple procedures.

The proposal includes enabling young arbitrators to work on SME-related cases together with certified and competent arbitrators in order to enhance their experience in addressing arbitral sessions.

The members also listened to a detailed explanation from Mariam bin Hiddah, member of the Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre Youth Council, on the achievements made by the Council during the first quarter of 2019.

She reviewed all the activities of the Council, including internal meetings and sessions held by the members and the plans, programmes and initiatives adopted by the Council.

The Council's direct meetings held with several official and private departments with a view to promoting its role and spreading awareness of its activities were discussed during the meeting as well.

The discussions included TAHKEEM's participation in the Acres Real Estate Exhibition & Conference on March 19-21, 2019 at the Expo Centre Sharjah, where TAHKEEM will have a platform to promote its activities and services, through which its representatives will launch channels of dialogue with all departments participating in the event, including real estate developers, construction companies and property agents.

During ACRES, TAHKEEM will also organise a workshop themed "Arbitration in Settling Real Estate Disputes", which will be presented by Hamda Al Baloushi. The Centre will also hold a panel session titled "International Protection of Real Estate Investment”, to be moderated by Mr. Zayed Al Shamsi, Head of Emirates Association for Lawyers and Legal.

With regards to TAHKEEM's participation in overseas events, the Executive Committee approved the participation and sponsorship of the Second International Arbitration Conference between France and the UAE in Paris next April.

With regards to TAHKEEM’s agreements with other parties, the members discussed the terms of the cooperation agreement between TAHKEEM and the Emirates Intellectual Property Association.

At the end of the session, H.E. Abdullah Deaifis, thanked all the Executive Committee members for their unlimited support for TAHKEEM as well as the Executive Center’s director and team for their great dedication.

He hailed the significant successes achieved by the Centre despite the short period that passed since its establishment and underscored the pivotal role played by TAHKEEM in driving the business sector and entrepreneurship in Sharjah in particular and the UAE in general.