The Centre is specialized in settling commercial disputes upon agreement of parties whether they are Chamber members or others; including individuals, institutions, commercial and investment companies in order to contribute to achieve economic and investment stability.

Some of The Most Important Services:

Dissemination of Arbitration Culture among Legal Practitioners, Professionals and Businessmen on the Local, Regional and International Levels:

Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre seeks rendering the best and most distinguished services of commercial disputes settlement for the Centre clients including individuals, institutions and companies upon agreement of parties either through signed contracts or independent contracts. The Centre has a distinguished list of arbitrators in all specializations and the disputing parties are provided with the registered list of arbitrators. Moreover, in case of non-approval upon a certain arbitrator, the Centre can appoint arbitrators from its registered lists.

Commercial Disputes Settlement:

The Centre considers commercial disputes as being one of the alternative methods of litigation through conciliation and arbitration procedures. The writ of summons is reviewed before performing procedures. Then, the Centre commences with conciliation in if both parties do not agree upon the arbitration clause in the contract, and the conciliation panel suggests referring the lawsuit for arbitration. If both parties agree, arbitration charter or a contract appendix shall be prepared as per the arbitration document.

Holding Conferences, Seminars, Training and Research Sessions:

The Centre seeks to focus on seminars, research sessions, scientific and practical conferences since the Centre is targeting legal and specialized students as well as businessmen to disseminate the culture of arbitration, develop professional relations and exchange experiences in the field of commercial disputes settlement through getting well-acquainted with arbitration procedures and all updates on the local, regional and international levels, gaining participation of governmental authorities for disseminating this culture as it is the case in the Conference of Sustainable Development, which was held in year 2013.

Rendering Legal Advice and Services:

Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre renders legal advice and services in response to all inquiries, which face individuals and institutions for providing the best legal services. Moreover, the Centre renders the contracts revision and editing service from the legal perspective.

Legal Translation:

The Centre is also specialized in translating contracts, cases and complaints of legal nature as well as basics of English language in general. Moreover, the Centre drafts agreements made between companies and individuals; such as insurance contracts, legal testament in both Arabic and English languages.

Complaints and Suggestions:

Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre settles commercial disputes by providing the mechanism of conciliation and arbitration through rendering distinguished services; such as handling commercial disputes as per the Rules of the Centre based on disputing parties’ agreement, principles of justice and usage of trade.


The library of Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre includes a large number of legal and specialized books in the field of arbitration, and it provides the borrowing service. Moreover, visitors can visit the library through the website.

Hearing Sessions:

Sharjah International Commercial Arbitration Centre provides the suitable place for holding conciliation and arbitration sessions provided with all convenient services for managing conciliation and arbitration sessions as well as rendering administrative and organizational services to the disputing parties and conciliation authorities; such as work of secretary, technical and legal translation, keeping files and writing minutes of meetings.