Tahkeem promotes awareness of arbitration

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As part of its continuing efforts to educate the local community about the principles of arbitration and its positive impact on doing business, the Sharjah Center for International Commercial Arbitration (Tahkeem) organized a workshop entitled “Arbitration in Dispute Resolution” at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry recently.

The workshop was conducted to introduce the principles of and skills required in resolving disputes in an amicable manner, without having to go through normal litigation procedures to enhance business relationships among clients, partners and suppliers.


The workshop was attended by Their Excellencies Mohammed Ahmed Alshehhi and Dr. Shaheen Ishaq Al Mazmi, members of the Executive Committee of Tahkeem; Ahmed Saleh Alechlah, Director of (Tahkeem), as well as Salem Ali Salem Al Muhairi, Chairman of the Sharjah Municipal Council and some of its members.

Alshehhi welcomed the attendees and thanked them for their interest in arbitration as a basis for resolving disputes in business transactions. He stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation and relations between Takkem and local agencies to promote the principles and practice of arbitration.

For his part, Ahmed Saleh Alechlah said: “We believe in the importance of raising awareness of the principles and procedures of arbitration among all governmental and semi-governmental institutions and private companies for the amicable resolution of commercial disputes instead of litigation. This we believe will contribute to enhancing trust between various parties and enable them to maintain good working relationships as well as to reduce the time and effort that are usually involved when resorting to the courts.

Alechlah pointed out that Tahkeem is in the best position to help resolve and settle commercial disputes, and instill a culture of arbitration among law practitioners, professionals and businessmen. “Arbitration procedures are confidential, impartial, flexible, less costly and usually dispensed with more quickly and efficiently, providing all the parties involved in the dispute a fair resolution with the help of legal advisors and specialized technical experts who are familiar with the laws and legislations.


Dr. Hamda Ali Al Baloushi, Cases Manager at Tahkeem, addressed the importance of arbitration as a means of settling disputes instead of going through litigation and it is resorted to before or after the occurrence of the dispute. “In line with Takheem’s systems and procedures, every dispute that arises from the implementation of the interpretation, cancellation, validity or invalidity of the contract or what is related to it, shall be finally decided by arbitration,” she explained.

Al Baloushi pointed out that the arbitration ruling is a binding judgment on all parties, and has the same executive power as the judicial ruling, except that for its implementation it is necessary to obtain a decision for approval by the Federal Court of Appeal after applying for an “order on a petition”, and the approval is obtained within 60 days from the date of submitting the application. The action for nullity shall not be heard 30 days after the party requesting the nullity is announced.


At the end of the workshop, the attendees were appreciative of Tahkeem’s efforts in promoting awareness of arbitration concepts and procedures, and in answering their questions and inquiries with the help of the presenter of the workshop and a number of consultants and experts at the center, in an atmosphere that reflected the increased interest in moving towards arbitration for the amicable resolution of disputes.