Chairman’s Message

I am honored to represent the interests of the citizens and residents of the Emirate Sharjah through the Sharjah Center for International Commercial Arbitration.

Our aim is to discover a path forward that all parties can feel satisfied with when resolving conflicts. Tahkeem have generated a strong reputation for efficiency, flexibility and professionalism in our dealings. Just as the Sharjah government encourages business interests to grow in many different directions to stabilize the economic base, so we at Tahkeem enter each case of arbitration with an open mind, seeking only the best solution that will allow an amicable outcome for the issue of contention. Put simply, our focus is on maximizing your business interests.

Tahkeem not only aspires to be a world class center of conflict resolution but also to foster a culture of arbitration rather than litigation. We will not only offer a transparent and efficient service to benefit our clients today; we will also train and prepare arbiters of the future in a manner beneficial to the community as a whole. We feel that a society that promotes amicable solutions where all parties are fairly treated is a society that will grow and thrive.

Above all, Tahkeem believes that an open and progressive system of problem solving will have the added benefit of minimizing the obstacles that can hamper economic growth both for local and for international companies. We aim to see our arbitration center become the first choice destination for resolving business disputes; and this ethos is the driving force that compels our arbitrators to the levels of clear-sighted professionalism that our clients deserve and expect.

Abdullah Deaifis

Chairman of Sharjah Centre for International Commercial Arbitration