Arbitration Introduction

What is arbitration and how does it work in your favour?

Arbitration is where an impartial person or party makes a decision on a dispute.

Arbitration involves an impartial outsider being asked to make a decision on a dispute. The arbitrator makes a decision on a case based on the evidence presented by the parties. Arbitration is voluntary, so both sides must agree to go to arbitration; they should also agree in advance that the arbitrator’s decision is final. Arbitration is private rather than public. It is confidential in the absolute.

In the modern world arbitration is an established method of solving and ending business and commercial disputes in an amicable manner. It allows disputing parties to find a solution by avoiding litigation. Its role is becoming more prominent worldwide thanks to its benefits. It is a way for your business to take advantage of arbitration’s benefits while not having to lose out on any of the alternative methods of resolution. And we believe in its role by practicing it in the best possible way. 

Arbitration is a collection of processes used for the purpose of resolving disputes informally, professionally and confidentially. And we oversee these processes to the best of our abilities, and to international standards of arbitration.

Our services also extend to formal arbitration training. This is highlighted in the Takheem section below.