Tahkeem Conclusion

As part of our mission, Takheem continues to propagate a culture of arbitration among law practitioners, professionals and businesspeople on a local, regional and international level.

Takheem offers a range of training that includes day-long sessions and internships. Companies are central to everything we do and achieve, and that’s why our training methods not only have excellent academic structure, they also bestow a more practical guide to the arbitrators of the future. We even use role-play to acclimatise the trainees. The centre aims to provide outstanding services to individuals, establishments and companies, with the goal of achieving an amicable and mutual conclusion through arbitration. The centre can propose arbitrators to disputing parties from its registered list of approved and qualified practitioners.

The centre is a hub for learning, which includes a hearing centre and translation services as well as video conference capabilities – all in a high-tech environment to ensure seamless learning and communications.

Takheem welcomes specialists from all nationalities and levels in the field of commercial disputes settlement. The centre offers associate membership to all professionals from advocates, experts and legists and all specializations from engineers, accountants and businessmen in addition to representatives of trade organizations and establishments, brokers and international arbitrators.

Along with our other duties to both our clients and our communities at large, we offer exceptional training in arbitration certification. Something that is fundamental to the future of arbitration, not only in Sharjah, but so too the Middle East. It is paramount – for us – that our arbitrators, our current and our future ones start off in the best way possible.

*As per the first paragraph in article (17) of the rules unless the parties’ claims required another period of expansion as per paragraph two of the said article.

Continues to propagate a culture of arbitration among law practitioner
and businesspeople on a local, regional and international level.